What To Look For When Buying An RC Controlled Plane Or Drone For A Gift

One of the most popular gift ideas for a wide array of individuals is an RC drone or plane, as it allows a person to take to the skies and will often become a favorite hobby and pastime. The problem is that not all devices are created equally, and it is usually a struggle for most people to determine which model will provide the highest amount of excitement. Look for a model with the following features, as it will allow a person to use it and enjoy their gift right from the start.

Automated Flying Mode

It is often frustrating when a person first attempts to fly a drone, as they must overcome a somewhat cumbersome learning curve to keep a remote control plane in the sky. A model that is equipped with an automated flying mode will help them overcome these challenges and allow them to fly the device with confidence right from the start. While using manual mode is an option, the automatic setting enables a person to use the plane safely and have fun even as a beginner.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Another feature that many people often seek out is Bluetooth compatibility, as it allows them to use a smartphone or tablet to control the device. Not only is it fun, but if the batteries in their remote go dead, they have a backup way to control it. Many users also find that it is easier to guide and program the unit when done via a smartphone.

Built-in Camera

One of the most exciting parts of flying a drone or plane is taking pictures of the ground below. Consider a model that is equipped with a built-in camera, as it will give the operator a bird’s eye view. Some are equipped with a harness that is capable of holding a camera, which allows the user to select the type of camera they prefer.

Don’t make the process of choosing a gift complicated. A drone or RC plane is a great gift for people of all ages, and advanced features ensure everyone takes to the sky with confidence. View the full array of available models and take the first step in showing someone how loved and appreciated they truly are.