A Basic Guide to What You Really Need

As the adage goes, “Gidgets and gadgets a plenty — whosits and whatsits galore.” It’s like this quote is looking directly into a kitchen gadget addict’s cabinets. The kitchen tool aficionado has an incessant need to buy all the latest and greatest kitchen tools. They may stay up late watching TV in hopes of spotting a new, must-have miracle tool that will make their cooking life easier. Whether it be a juicer, a slicer, or dicer that will julienne carrots, they must have it – even if this means the tool will sit in the cabinet gathering dust for years to come.

But there are a few kitchen gadgets that are truly useful – they will make cooking easier. And while they may not be must haves, they do have great benefits especially if you really do cook a lot. Here’s a rundown of some of the best cookware or gadgets to own.

– There is nothing as satisfying or as simple as a roasted chicken. Super easy to prepare, a roasting pan will make your chicken – or pot roast, perfect. Get a roasting pan with racks that allow the fat to drain away from the baking meat. Make sure you go for one with a non-stick material for easier cleanup

– Love the look of grill marks on meat – but hate the thought of heading outside to grill up your steak? Then consider investing in a heavy duty grill pan that can be used on an indoor stove. They are heavy duty and if taken care of properly, can last a long time

– Are you a baker? Then the silicon baking mat is a must have. It reflects some serious engineering genius in its design. This is a mat that lines a baking sheet for baking scone, cookies or any baked pastry. It provides even cooking, superior browning and super easy cleanup.

There are only three of some essential cooking tools that make great additions to any kitchen. Other appliances, such as a food processor, a stand mixer, and of course an excellent set of chef’s knives are invaluable to have in the kitchen. To keep to your budget, make sure you look for cookware or kitchen wares that have more than one use.

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